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What is Citizenship Education?

It is a new statutory subject at key stages 3 and 4 (secondary). It is a new curriculum based on active learning and engagement with issues which affect everybody. It offers students the opportunity to develop an understanding of the world around them and their role within it.

A key requirement for Citizenship Education includes students having to take part in a community project.

Through discussion, debate, research, participation, taking responsibility and community action students acquire and develop the skills of enquiry, communication, participation and responsible action.

Project Focus -
Exmouth Community College
The students of Exmouth Community School have decided their Citizen Project will compare peoples views about “what makes a good Citizen” in Exmouth, Devon and in Resolute Bay, the High Arctic. They hope to improve the understanding of other cultures within the local Exmouth Community.

4 boys and 4 girls from the college will be undertaking an expedition to Resolute Bay in the High Arctic next Easter. Once there, in addition to flying up to the North Pole to meet a Navy/Marine expedition, they will take part in a whole series of cultural experiences. These experiences will be designed to give the students a much greater understanding of the world around them. All of the students going on the expedition are committed to then communicating and sharing these experiences either live via our website back to our community or by giving presentations to people from within the Exmouth Community, ranging from Primary School students to Business people.

Before going on the Expedition the team members will also contact the local secondary school in Resolute Bay to begin to develop ideas about how our expedition might be able to help their community. This could for instance be interviewing elders from the Inuit community and recording the conversation to be put on the website. In this way their experiences would be captured for both ours and the Inuit community to share. This detail has yet to be fully developed.

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