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What is Citizenship Education?

It is a new statutory subject at key stages 3 and 4 (secondary). It is a new curriculum based on active learning and engagement with issues which affect everybody. It offers students the opportunity to develop an understanding of the world around them and their role within it.

A key requirement for Citizenship Education includes students having to take part in a community project.

Through discussion, debate, research, participation, taking responsibility and community action students acquire and develop the skills of enquiry, communication, participation and responsible action.

Project Focus -
Ridgeway High School
One of the school council members has a younger sister at one of the local junior schools. The junior school has sent a request to parents asking for help making Story Sacks. The pupil from our school saw the request and would like pupils from our school to help. The council have been in touch with the junior school - Hillside Juniors and the Head is delighted with the idea.
The Project - The pupils would visit the junior school and talk to the class teacher and a number of books would be selected. The pupils would then make characters to match the story which can be used by the class teacher to encourage and stimulate the children. Our pupils would make the characters in textiles and construction technology. They would also like to video the pupils when the story is being read and put this onto the school web site to encourage other schools to do the same.

The team - The team will be pupils from year 9 as they have the design technology skills to produce a high quality product. The team will be divided into groups as some pupils will work on the design of the characters ie will it be a puppet, soft toy, constructed from wood etc. Some pupils will work out the cost of the materials needed and will present a Business Plan to the school Bursar for funding. All pupils will be involved in the making process. Some pupils will be sent to the junior school to use a digital video camera to video the story being told and load this and other information about the project onto the school website.

Timescale - The entire project will take a term and will run from Easter to the end of the summer term in total. Final objective is the presentation of the story sack and the video.

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